Who We Are

Our Story

As a parent in 2003 Sarah Louise wanted to take her daughter to a music and singing class and couldn’t find any suitable in her area.  

Being a singer songwriter herself she was always creating catchy songs and rhymes for her daughter and they had lots of fun recording and singing in her early childhood years. Her dream was to create her own fun, interactive and memorable music that everyone could enjoy.  

Sarah has always worked with children throughout her career in schools and theatres teaching singing and performing. 

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In 2016 Sarah made the decision to leave the school she was working at and create her own pre school music sessions for children, offering everything that she would have loved for herself and her own child.  

Mini Vibes was successfully launched in 2017 in her purpose built studio in Stanway and has expanded to other venues throughout Colchester. 

In the year 2024 we will see the finalisation of all music topic albums and see the launch of Mini Vibes in Suffolk

Sarah Louise is very excited about what the future holds for Mini Vibes!  

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